Best Superbowl party I have ever attended. Roca Partida. Appies and beverages on the upper sun deck listening to satellite radio. humpbacks leaping out of the air. GO HAWKS!

We are Seattleites seeking sun in February.   It doesn’t matter the year, it’s always the same gray.   Gray mixed with drizzle, gray mixed with rain, gray mixed with wind and rain but always gray.   Of course planning a dive trip 18 months in advance did not include the forethought of Seattle Seahawk Superbowl 48 contention, merely a chance to escape the gray.
Fast forward to the NFL Championship game against the New Orleans Saints that Seattle squeaked out at home.   The gray of Seattle this year is painted with NFL Seahawk blue and green.   The 12th man colorful everywhere you look.   Now we pack for 8 days of diving in sunny Socorro islands.   You would think we would have been excited.  A bit dismayed actually once we realized that the Seahawks were playing in Superbowl 48 and we are slated to be incommunicado.  Oy.
The crew aboard the Nautilus Explorer couldn’t have been more accommodating (Except for Larry.  Larry is a Denver Bronco’s fan.).  Captain Al arranged a dive schedule around other boats and the game schedule and a fellow Seattleite diver brought an XM radio with speakers for all to hear.    The crew set up appetizers and beverages on the sundeck that fans had decorated in 12th man colors.   Picture this, 20 plus fans huddled around a radio on the sundeck of a dive vessel in the middle of the Pacific Ocean being entertained by the acrobatics of the humpback whales, Roca Partida in the background, a dazzling sunset and cheering on the home team.    Best Superbowl party I have ever attended.  Go Hawks!
-Rob and Marla Hensel, Seattle, WA
Wow, pretty cool dive Roca Partida this morning, listen to the Big Game and watch whales swimming into the sunset!
-Hawks Fan
NOTE from Captain Mike.  Who would have thought!!     One of our favourite groups from Seattle booked a Socorro trip years in advance only to have their beloved SEAHAWKS make it to the superbowl precisely in the middle of their trip.   We’re guessing this is the first home team superbowl party at Roca Partida!

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