with 15 mm fisheye lens, I was so close to the giant manta that I basically caught their eyeballs..

We came from Europe, USA, Canada and Japan to dive with the famous Giant Manta’s of Socorro and we did! What a trip – Up close with these wonderful creatures. As we immersed ourselves in their world they glided effortlessly around us. The tips of their huge wings passing just inches away from our masks. We were all left thinking what an experience and how intelligent these creatures are.
The combination of our dives, the constant care and attention of all the crew and interesting conversations we had onboard made a great trip.
Thank you to everyone!
-John Woodward – Barcelona
My third time at Socorro, second time with Nautilus Explorer, and I will be coming back. Anyone who likes the Pacific manta would probably agree that San Benedicto is the best place for diving and interacting with them ‘in the wild’ … This trip did not have so many shark encounters as the other two, but that’s how the sea is – it gives you what it wants to give you at any particular time. Some great diving throughout the trip and, again, the manta interactions remain unparalleled. With 15 mm fisheye I was so close several times that I basically caught their eyeballs, and not because I moved towards them but rather they came to me. The food – very important of course – was delicious and the crew is among the most attentive I’ve met during my years of various live-aboards. Phenomenal ‘guests’ (my fellow divers … ) on this trip too!
-Li Westerlund – Half Moon Bay California (formerly Sweden)

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