This is my seventh trip to the Revillagigedos (Socorro Island) and will most likely return next year for my 8th trip

This was my third time aboard the Nautilus Explorer and each time it gets better and better!
-Julie, Canada
We had a wonderful experience during our trip on the Nautilus Explorer.  It was great to feel truly off the grid, diving off of impressive austere islands, seemingly untouched by people.  We interacted with the famed giant mantas who seemed very curious about the divers, saw schools of ghostly hammerheads, and even had the pleasure of watching a dolphin targeting its breakfast right in front of us.  The crew was extremely helpful and professional, always there to assist with anything.  The guests were from all over the world, making our trip even more interesting.  We had a remarkable week.
-Cheryl and Nick Dean, Encinitas, CA
Hammerhead sharks at the Canyon, mantas at The Boiler, sharks, yellow fin tuna & mantas at Roca Partida. Another awesome trip aboard the Nautilus Explorer. Great crew, savory food and dives that dreams are made of. This is my seventh trip to the Revillagigedos Archipelago aboard the NE, and most likely I will return for an 8th time next year.
-Mike Millet; Dublin, CA

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