The stories around the bar at cocktail hour were endless. Guests were amazed at the animal interaction

monte rook
It’s been great having such a unique mix of divers in one group. With both rebreathers and scuba you can see how different their dives are. Rebreather divers say how quiet their dives are and all the ocean noises can be heard very clearly. Lots of whale singing and dolphins making noise on this trip. However, both groups have been amazed at how interactive the animals have been so far. The mantas, dolphins and sharks have made many appearances and it is only dive day #3! It is awesome having such a nice and sociable group of people onboard. It makes these trips that much more enjoyable!
-Hernan, Nautilus Deckhand
I don’t think i’ve seen so much underwater action just two dive days into a trip. All the guests have been super excited after every dive and have had numerous manta encounters along with white tip sharks, silver tips, dolphins, tuna, lobsters, schools of fish and more. The stories were endless at cocktail hour last night. We pulled into Cabo Pearce early this morning and I was standing by on the bow to drop the anchor and saw there were 3 whales in the bay probably 30 feet from shore. They stayed there even after we anchored and one guest actually had them pass by underwater on his dive. An amazing start to what is turning out to be an unreal trip. Having such a fun and interesting group of divers onboard really creates a unique atmosphere and really makes its fun for the crew as well.
-Tavis, Nautilus Mate

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