We snorkelled with some humpback whales at Socorro Island until a pack of Orcas showed up…

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Where to start….  The diving has been amazing.  We started at San Bendicto Island with a Giant Manta on our first dive at The Canyon.  After a couple dives there, we moved to the Boiler and it only got better.  If you don’t like all the big stuff, i.e. Sharks, Mantas, and Dolphins I guess this place isn’t for you.  Then we moved to Socorro Island.  Yet more great diving.  Out to Roca Partida…..  More Sharks…. Diving to Whale Song throughout our dives.
Did I mention all the Octos and Eels?  Topside we spent time watching Humpbacks breaching and tail and fluke slapping.  We had THE BEST Super Bowl half time entertainment … a gorgeous sunset and whales breaching and tail slapping.  Off on a snorkel run and we snorkeled with the Humpback whales before the hunting Orcas showed up following the Humpbacks.  The bad weather showed up after a couple of days at Roca Partido so we headed back to the Boiler for more great diving.
The staff could not be more gracious from Captain Al, the first mate Tavis, Dive Guides, Deck Hands Homey and Hernan, the engineer Larry, and  our wonderful Host Aldofo and Hostess Sylvia.  They met our every need and were a lot of fun with which to travel.
-Peggy Coburn

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