200 foot visibility at Roca Partida ???

dave burroughs posted feb 16th
This was my second visit to Socorro Island on the Nautilus Explorer.  At the end of our previous adventure we left with the feeling that it was one of our best diving trips ever.  We dove with Giant Mantas and Dolphins for the first time, and saw large numbers of Hammerhead sharks and Galapagos sharks up close.  So this year’s trip had a lot of live up to.  Nautilus Explorer and Socorro sure did deliver!  On our previous trip “Roca Partida” was this hot site with 200+ foot visibility and many shark and dolphin encounters.
This year it was “The Boiler” at San Benedicto that was on fire.  We saw more Mantas on any one dive than we saw all week on our last trip.  Dozens of Dolphins came to visit and play on several dives.  Hammerhead sharks flying in formation buzzed us over the cleaning stations of “Cabo Pierce”.
Every trip is unique with it’s own highlights and character, but the one thing that is guaranteed to remain the same is the excellent service and facilities provided by the crew of the Nautilus Explorer!
-Dave Hicks

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