Manta madness at the Boiler

Dennis Liberson (1) posted feb 18 2014
Yesterday Roca Partida…Whitetip- and Galapagos Sharks all around, Yellowfin Tunas and Hammerheads passing by (up to 20), even a Sea lion found his way out there!
Today Manta Madness at the Boiler…it was an incredible trip for us!!!
The great Crew and the great Divemates made it perfect! Thanks to you all and THANKS to the ocean, sharing her wonderful creatures with us!
-Klaus and Lisa

Hmmm… Well, for the remainder of my life, when the conversation turns to Giant Mantas, I will be able to say “ you should have been in Socorro in February of 14. The Mantas were real Mantas then.”

I can be a fearful diver and I knew Socorro would be a step up in terms of difficulty from the docile Cayman waters I am most used to. I have been in situations in the past where divemasters seemed inattentive or even downright negligent (ask me some time about Cozumel).
I cannot say enough good things about our dive masters. They made us feel safe, they seemed to be able to keep track of everyone at once, and their constant good cheer added a note of joy to every single dive. I will be back, and in no small way because of the dive crew.

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