Our captain on the Nautilus is awesome at spotting leviathans of the deep

Capt Al escorted our whale experience today!
Six passengers in wet suits equip with mask, fins and snorkels in search of a Mama and a calf.
First a spin around a calm bay but there were no whales hanging out. Cool lava formations though.
Off to the ocean side of the island where our luck is better! Capt was awesome at spotting leviathans of the deep. Not only did we drop onto a Mama and calf once but twice. Best Experience of the week if you don’t count the mantas!
Paul from Virginia
Great trip!  The staff on the boat are amazing.  They’ve created a dive experience that has completely exceeded any dive experience I’ve had in the past. I’ve seen Mantas, Whales, and a Whale Shark.  Met a lot of great people on the boat too!
Calgary, Canada

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