We were out in the deep blue when 10 Galapagos sharks materialized out of nowhere.

On our way back to Cabo San Lucas as this trip draws to a close, we have had some outstanding diving, the water is staying slightly warmer than normal with more of a drop out at Roca Partida this trip, but starting to see the sharks moving up.  One of the things for the guests was that many times while watching the humpback whales we would end up in the wild deep blue sea waiting, or even in the water, we would have 8-10 Galapagos sharks just materialize out of nowhere. So even though we did not always get lucky we always had something to look at.  The whales were good to us again this trip as we had another mom and calf with a very inquisitive calf that would stay around.  Very cool to watch. Back out in a couple of days and will write some more then.
Dive Safe!
Captain Al

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