From the hot tub deck, we could at least 4 giant mantas feeding and jumping out of the water at San Benedicto Island.

2014_Mar16_Manta Cabo Pierce
Today on our 4th dive after diving the boiler with so much Manta action made the day an excellent day to be out here at San Benedicto.  an Island that is a Volcano for the ones that has never been to it Google it and on pictures you will get a top view of it, Beautiful island very unique. So after been at the Boiler (Dive site on the west side of San benedicto) we moved to the SW point of the Island for a drift dive, The dive was good we didnt get the hammerhead sharks we were looking for but when we finish the dive from the Hot tub deck we could see at least 4 giant Mantas on the surface for a very good time, aparently they were feeding at least thats what it look like! Is so good to see so much Manta action! Besides all day we had the Humpback whales cruising and breaching out of the water. awesome to be here!

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