We have being seeing schools of hammerhead sharks on every dive. Amazing!

We are on a 12 days trip out for the adventure and the amazing diving at Socorro Island. So far we have arrived at San Benedicto did our check out dive everyone was so calm and relaxed, that I feel like I am on vacation. We had some octopus, white tip sharks, a huge hammerhead shark that was good for the a check out dive. We headed to the boiler to see if the mantas were there and yes they were there waiting for us, we had some current, but we just stayed behind the rock and the mantas just keep coming and going into the current.
It is so amazing to see how the mantas just stay in the current with out flopping there wings. If it was us doing that we would finish our tank of air in a blink of an eye and still get sweep away. Now we are at Roca Partida, 2 days now and have been seeing a school of hammerhead shark every dive. I think that the hammerheads are my favorite sharks, they just look so cool! As they swim on their side and in packs, – wow it just makes me feel like I am one of them while they just swim pass us in slow motion . We also have seen silkys, white tips, silver tips, Galapagos sharks big school of jack the tuna, just glide through the jacks as like I am the boss here. Anyway that’s all for right now for me.
Water temp :25 C
Visibility  80+

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