My heart racing and adrenalin pumping, the humpback whale calf swam around me and bubbled up and down.

Today was another sunny day in Mexico. After a couple weeks down here I’m really settling back into the Nautilus Explorer way. We finished serving breakfast and we’re cleaning up as our wonderful guests made their way to prepare for their second dive of the day. As Laurentina and I washed dishes and wrapped up the leftovers divemaster Joel came running into the dining room. “Humpbacks! Humpback whales right of the stern!!!” I bolted immediately to the back dive deck to find over half the guests snorkel in mouth laying mezmorized over three humpback whales. I popped on a mask and jumped in fully dressed to follow Captain Gordon to the group of guests. The whales moved away and I thought that was it until Engineer Marv saw them off our port side. We all swam over and next thing I knew I’m gazing through the sun filled water and a full grown female whale, her calf and an escort! The calf playfully swam around it’s mom and bubbled up and down. They sat, checking us out, for at least 15 minutes before the escort flipped his tail and made the first move to carry on. His pectoral fin got so close I almost though he would touch me. The group moved on and I swam back to the boat. My heart racing and adrenaline pumping. One of the most magical moments in my life! Last year I was down here we saw a whale shark, this year humpbacks, who knows what next year will bring in the beautiful Socorro Islands!!!
Hostess Amanda

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