I have never seen a giant Manta being ignored! I was focused on a wall of sharks!

Can’t believe this year is as good as last year for whales.
Last year at Roca Partida I had the best dives I’v ever had. Today, this morning I had the best dive I ever had at the Canyon, as soon as we hit the water we had a giant Manta just cruising along with us and after that a BIG school of Hammerhead sharks that were just doing big loops around the dive site, at one point we had a wall of sharks in front of us and as we turned to look behind us there were some more sharks at our backs, and a Black Manta that no one was paying attention to. Just hard to describe, after that we started ascending to our safety stop and the beautiful black Manta just followed us until we left the water Best Canyon dive I’v ever done.
Yesterday and day before that we had amazing humpback Whale encounters at Cabo pierce Socorro, twice the whales came to our safety stop right at the dive site and check us out mind blowing experience.
Thanks Socorro.

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