We had 5 mantas playing with us at San Benedicto like a foot away from us.

So far here we are out in paradise the weather coming out was fantastic calm everyone enjoy the dolphins while on our way. We arrive at San Benedicto and we were the only ones their had the dive site to ourselfs and perfect conditions for our check out dive. On the check out dive we all had a school of hammerhead sharks and a giant manta. Could we ask for more than that? We decided to head over to the manta city. I knew that that’s where they were going to be there waiting for us cause I saw them on the surface before we got in . We saw 5 mantas playing with us. Wow! Everyone was so excited to see the mantas, which were like a foot away from us. Its better than being at the office. Welcome to my office!
We had a great first day, can’t forget the whales singing down there. I loved to hear them, it feels like I am a part of the ocean. We headed to Roca Partida, where I would say it is the best place for sighting the hammerhead sharks, Galapagos, silkys, silver tips and huge tuna. Well on the first day we had a school of hammerheads, about 50 of them, plus, made a circle around the divers. Wow! I loved the hammerheads a lot. They looked so cool just swimming on there side, just showing of.
So far we had a great encounter with a young whale shark today, it just kept coming around and around the rock. We saw it 4 times on one dive and on the next dive we saw it 3 times, it just moved so peaceful in the water, like it was on vacation. Perfect day!  Anyway that’s it for me, so I will keep you posted .
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