For a trip that promised so much, the Nautilus Explorer has more than exceeded my expectations…

Well its all over bar the shouting now, just waiting for our last night dinner and the long drag back to Cabo. What a great trip, great friendly crew, who genuinely seem to get along and that permeates throughout the boat. Well run, with a good balance of safety and responsibility for yourselves. Great food, not sure I’ll be sad to see the back of the “second Breakfast” though… waistline will thank me. A beautiful boat with great facilities to boot, lots of space to relax and it looks like a real ocean going vessel!!
In all a great trip, we’ve seen more than I hoped, Mantas on almost every dive, but how can you tire of that?!! Snorkeling with Humpback whales has to be a highlight, thanks captain Gordon!!! Hammerhead sharks on many many dives….and a surprise Whale Shark visit!!
Thanks to the Nautilus crew.

By Nautilus Staff

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