Best warm-up dive ever with 4 playful giant mantas.

We had a perfect transit from Cabo yesterday and overnight with a gentle breeze and long 4-5′ swell all the way, arriving at San Benedicto a little after 10 am. No other boats here today.
Did our check-out dive at El Fundeadero, and I’ve heard a few comments already that it was by far the best check-out dive ever! 4 playful giant mantas giving everyone a warm welcome to the islands. Despite the great dive we decided to come check out the Boiler for the afternoon seeing as this will probably be our last chance to dive here on this trip. Lots of humpback whales around, lounging on the surface in the bay nearby. We’ve already spotted a manta on the surface as well as a few dolphins who greeted our arrival.
Weather today is beautiful, light breeze and gentle swell with sunny skies.
Captain Gordon

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