Thank you to the Mexican Navy for everything they do to protect the Socorro biosphere reserve.

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For our second day of diving on this expedition we headed to the island of Socorro, the largest of the islands and home to a Mexican Navy base. As with all our trips to these islands a visit to the navy base for a routine inspection is mandatory. Part of the job of the navy personnel operating at Socorro is to board all vessels entering the boundaries of the marine reserve to ensure they are operating in accordance with park rules, have the proper permits to be there and to ensure the vessel is up to standards with respect to safety and protection of the environment.
The Mexican navy at Socorro are also always ready to assist with any problems or emergencies that might arise so far from the mainland. There is an air landing strip on the island as well as a hyperbaric chamber for diving emergencies.
I think it is a testament to their navy that they make room in their budget for these facilities with the goal of keeping these islands protected and a safe place to visit.
The navy here at Socorro have assisted us multiple times this season and in the past, and always do so with extreme professionalism, efficiency and friendliness. Today I presented to them a plaque of appreciation on behalf of Nautilus Explorer owner Captain Mike Lever as a small token of our appreciation for the service they provide and the manner with which they carry out this service.
On behalf of all the crew of the Nautilus Explorer, onboard and ashore, thank you again for the great job.
Capt Gordon Kipp

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Dito, thanks so much for their work. The world is better off protecting these islands. Great to see that mankind is protecting a great vast asset. We can learn so much from the animals that populate these areas by eliminating fishing/poaching. Please protect these areas!

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