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The question rolls right off the backs of the
M/V Nautilus Explorer crew. “Wouldn’t it be
easier to run a trip to Socorro?” Easier, yes,
says owner Mike Lever. But easy isn’t how
adventures begin. The Clipperton Atoll
lies 650 miles from Acapulco, Mexico — a
two-night steam. “It’s so far off the beaten
path, it’s ridiculous,” says Lever, who spent
12 years reading up on the island’s crazed,
enslaving lighthouse keeper and the illicit
base the U.S. built during World War II. As for
what you’ll find in the water on this 15-night
itinerary, it’s hard to say. One thing is certain:
You’ll witness green morays writhe from the
sea to devour land crabs. The walls aren’t
thoroughly mapped yet, which adds to the
island’s expeditionary allure. Out where so
few people set foot, this itinerary evokes the
era of early scuba explorers.
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