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clipperton rock lagoon
Perhaps we had long journeys in this combo trip there and back to Clipperton – Revillagigedo, but each place is unique, since yesterday our dear revilla is giving us unforgettable time with lots of mantas, tiger sharks and hammerheads at San Benedicto, plus today we are getting mad at Roca Partida with a bunch of Galapagos sharks, majestic hammerheads and wonderful dolphins but still we will have one more day in our awesome trip on board of the great vessel nautilus explorer!!!
D.M. J J
This was Clipperton Island trip, it is a different then a normal one. We spent the first two days diving in San Benedicto and Socorro Islands, in the start of the trip was very good with the amaizing giant mantas in San Benedicto with the humpback whales singing when the divers are under the water; diving at Socorro Island in Cabo Pierce interacting with some dolphins and a few hammerheads. We then traveled  to Clipperton Island, french atoll, different island; is a ring of sand with a lagoon in the middle, some palm trees and a reef around it; water is warm and very clear, blue color, dives are very interesting with the very good visibility, watching small sharks(white tips), different reef fishes, some hammerheads, dolphins around, diving in blue water with ten silky sharks around it.
We spent four days there and then back to Revillagigedo to visit the giant mantas in San Benedicto again and the last two days diving in Roca Partida. Roca Partida is and will be one of the best dive site not only in Mexico, in my opinion, of the world. Every dive divers come up very happy, because they swim at seventy-eighty feet with different kinds of sharks: silkys, white tips, Galapagos and school of hammerheads, watching small staff; octopus, lobsters, lats a fishes, and the huge yellow fin tunas chasing fish with some dolphins also.
Diving is a very fun and healthy activity, we have to be very careful to conserve all the dive site in the world, we are in Mexico and we try to do good things in our job for the visitors, in consequence, they enjoy our places, have a good stay and try to back one more time, we will be waiting for you guys aboard of NAUTILUS EXPLORER

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