April 17, 2014 : guest blogs from Socorro Island : today we had a big schools of hammerhead and Galapagos sharks.

Today we had fantastic dive with JJ in the the blue, very great and big school of hammerhead sharks, and Galapagos sharks. On our way back to the pinnacle we passed another school of hammerheads. The crew are doing the best job for us, friendly and after dive we get sweet homemade cookies :).
Karin I
Nice crew, great food, very good dive stuff, the hostess are great and nice conditions in Roca Partida.
The third dive on Roca Partida was fantastic, we went out with JJ who is guiding us directly in to the school of hammerheads, after that he found the way back to the pinnacle when the second school of hammerheads was waiting for us!
So far our last dive was one of the best I made it and today especially with the school of hammerheads and Galapagos sharks, thanks to JJ.
Thomas D
Today the conditions are great, we go out on the blue 3 times and a lot of hammerhead sharks, Galapagos, silkies, yellow fin tunas and wahoos, we’re having a great time on board the Nautilus.
Karin M

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