Our own hammerhead shark whisperer at Socorro Island

When we are writing this we had done 3 dives so far today. On every dive we saw schools of hammerhead sharks and again it was JJ who guided us directly to them. But that’s not all: During the saftety stop of the 3rd dive 5 dolphins came along to swim around us. What a nice way to finish a dive!!
JJ, you are our superhero!!!
Thanks from Tommy and Nancy.
Hello everyone, here is me JJ (the hammerhead shark whisper…is how they call me lately) reporting how is going our awesome 10 days trip at REVILLAGIGEDO Socorro Island, at this time we have the companion of Robert and dear Wiro Dive, with whom we have been sharing a lot of great dives at the boiler and Roca Partida, – full of wow’s, smiles and lot of fingers tired of holding the camera, video trigers; each time we have a great encounter with lovely dolphins, octopus, different kind of fishes some unexpectedly friendly mantas at Roca, big repertory of sharks since white tip reefs, one tiger, crazy silver tips haunting, bunch of Galapagos patrolling the waters and main star so far the majestic schools of hammerheads in every dive since we started our trip, so we cant complain at all just praying and wishing for keep having great encounters and looking only smiles in our dear guests… this is our goal from your outstanding crew of nautilus!!!!

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