I have been running trips to Socorro Island for 7 years and the diving just gets better and better.

I really missed the spectacular beauty of the Revillagigedo and Socorro islands. It is great to be back again and to see the barren beauty of these islands. We are so lucky that the Mexican government has chosen to protect these islands for the enjoyment of future generations.
Our trip started out with two days of wind so we had to pick dive sites that were protected from the Northerly winds. Our first two dive sites of the trip were near El Canyon as we waited for visibility to improve. The last dive of the day was at the canyon because the current swept away the murky water. All dives had our guests seeing mantas and sharks. To see mantas and sharks with reduced visibility is an indication of how many there are around the island. I have been coming to these islands for more than 7 years and the numbers of sharks and giant mantas has been steadily climbing. I believe this is due directly to the protected designation of the Mexican government.
We arrived at Roca Partida this morning to find that there is some warmer water and clear visibility. There are white tip sharks and hammerhead sharks swimming around Roca Partida oblivious to the divers that are having one of the best dive dives of their lives.
Captain Dave Holliss

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