A giant manta pooped on me!!!

DOLPHINS!!!! First time I have ever dove with them. Now that was the last box to be checked off for the trip. Wonderfull!!!
Ryan Meyer
DOLPHINS!!!  Manta rays, hammerheads…  Now, DOLPHINS!!!  I can say, the trip is complete.  I am completely elated to have seen the small pod of dolphins this morning on our first dive.  Woo hoo!
Gabrielle Meyer
One more thing to add! I can’t say a Manta has ever pooped on me. Ohh Hammerhead sharks!!!!!
Ryan Meyer
Ultimo dia de mergulho, de volta a San Benedito e dois bons mergulhos no Canyon pela manha. Golfinhos ao redor, tubaroes a espreita e um badejo solitario assistia maravilhado ao lindo balet das mantas. Agora restam mais duas imerssoes no Boyler e apontamos a proa para Cabo Sao Lucas.
+ Saudades!!!

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