Captain's Log. Socorro Island. Nautilus Explorer. 03 May 2014.

What a perfect way to end a Socorro trip in May!  North bound for Cabo San Lucas, calm seas, the sun is high in the sky with a light breeze to cool off the Sunbathers on the top deck.  After six days of diving with 25 to 27 Degree water temps, 60-80 feet of visibility throughout the trip all onboard are relaxed and deeply engaged in every photo shop program on earth and enjoying a bevy.  All of the Revilleghedo islands are hot to start the month off.  San Benedicto proved itself once again as one of the Worlds top sites.   Finishing the trip off with Hammerhead sharks, Galapagos, Silkies and Silver tips starting the day off at the Canyon followed by the prestige Manta Pinnacle off the West shores known as the Boiler.  We even had a visit from a friendly Tiger Shark on the final dive of the trip.  Half way back to Cabo we were fortunate enough with the Weather to stop up and have a quick dip mid Pacific.  It’s something else to be swimming around in the blue under the tropical sun well out of sight of land!

By Nautilus Staff

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