We have been swimming and diving with dolphins almost every day. And humpback whales everywhere!

My time here in Mexico is almost drawing to and end. One last trip aboard the Nautilus Explorer in Socorro Island before heading back up to the Nautilus Swell in Alaska! It’s crazy how quickly this time has flown by and how many amazing things I’ve seen travelling through this chain of remote offshore volcanic islands. . Dolphins almost every day, Humpbacks, an Orca or two, adult and juvenile Silky Sharks, Galapagos Sharks, humongous Tuna, Mantas and hundreds of species of fish. I just love throwing on my swimmers and jumping of the back deck and free diving down to find the waters surrounding our 116 ft boat clouded with sea life. There’s something so beautiful realizing that you can be in the middle of nowhere and still be surrounded by so much life – fish, sharks and beautiful corals and reef. What more could you ask for than seeing and experiencing such an incredible world above and under the water. I’m so happy and can’t wait to see all the adventures Alaska will bring during my third season aboard the Swell!
Hostess Amanada

By Nautilus Staff

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