The words "WHALE SHARK!" screamed from his mouth as soon as he hit the surface

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What a treat at Roca Partida! A few minutes before the third dive of the day I was getting the skiffs warmed up and ready to load guests when a dark shadow passed a few feet below the stern of the Nautilus Explorer.  At first glance, I assumed it was a giant manta.  I was wrong. As it gracefully glided out from the shadows, it revealed itself as the largest fish in the sea, a whale shark!  I immediately called captain Dave in the wheelhouse for a P.A. Announcement and within seconds the dinning room was cleared and all guests were racing for the back deck to catch a glimpse of the gentle giant.  With chef Enrique’s cuisine on the table, clearing the dinning room mid meal is quite a feat.  It was too late and the whale shark, all 25′ dove down to the depths.  The next dive briefing was just around the corner and you can guess what the hot topic was going to be! The Dive masters had their work cut out for them now!  It was very exciting waiting at the surface for the first diver to ascend and when he did, the first words, “Whale shark!!” screamed from his mouth.  As a crew member on board, it was so nice to see that all 25 guests had a few peaceful minutes to swim along side such an elegant giant of the sea at Roca Partida!

-Mate Shaun

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