We are approaching my favourite month of the year. June. There are so many fish it looks like you could walk on the water

Christian Horl9
Our third day at Roca Partida and every dive brings new surprises. Visibility is not that good, but we get to see so many sharks and schools of fish that this doesn’t make the experience any less great. Almost every dive we encounter Galapagos, Silky, White Tip and Silver Tip sharks. In the last two days we saw dolphins three times and today we could hear them squeaking in the distance. Over water the whole crew of the Nautilus Explorer goes out of their way to make our lives very comfortable. Food is also exceptionally good. So both thumbs up for this trip so far! We really hope to come back here some time. Angelika & Thomas
Three special days at Roca Partida.  We can’t find all the worlds to explain such a unique location.  You have to see it for yourself.  The only thing that I can tell you is come join us on the Nautilus Explorer.  Once you are here, the Galapagos, white tips, silver tips, silkies, tunas, mantas,whale sharks and hammerheads will do the rest.  We are approaching my favorite month of the year, June.  There are so many fish it looks like you could walk on the water.

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