I have died and gone to heaven at Socorro Island!

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Living and diving on the Nautilus Swell in Canada for so long has made me forget just how beautiful the southern waters can be. I’m two days in on a ten day trip and already ive seen 4 different species of sharks! Galapagos, Silky, Hammerhead and White Tip sharks have surrounded myself and the guests during every dive. But today, we were treated to a spectacle no cold water diving possesses. Descending onto a site called the Boiler at San Benedicto I saw a dark shadow in the distance, followed by two more shadows and a fourth a little further behind. As the shadows came closer, they became larger…and larger…and larger. Within a blink of an eye, or a breath from a reg, I found myself being danced around by four Giant Mantas! They circled at least ten times before slowly drifting away. I thought they had left but it only took about 2 minutes before they came back! Luckily, all the guests were beside me and we all got to enjoy the amazing Manta show in front of us. This was truly a LIFE changing experience for all of us. Coming out of the dive everyone was ranting and raving about how amazing it was! Cant wait to see what the next 8 days has in store for us!!
Dive Master Colten

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