Tropical storm Amanda

Safety is number 1 on the Nautilus Explorer.   We don’t just say that, we mean it.  For example, all of our Captains, mates and engineers and most of our divemasters are trained and certified first-responders and we carry very complete medical kit onboard..  We have been watching tropical storm amanda for the last week as it potentially bears down on Socorro Island.   Our decision making at the departure of yesterday’s trip was easy –  Amanda should stall hundreds of miles south of Socorro when it hits water cooler than 80 degrees but we are not going to take any chances.   We played it safe and diverted the ship into the Sea of Cortes including an exploratory voyage up to the Midriff Islands.   All of our guests will still get the full Nautilus Experience.    AND we have offered everyone a 50% credit towards a future booking of their choice. Guests with travel insurance should be able to get full reimbursement on top of enjoying the Sea of Cortes trip and taking advantage of the 50% credit.    Nobody should fool with Mother Ocean.  Our job is simply to exceed our clients’ expectations and make darn sure that everyone stays safe.
Captain Mike

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