Going way off the beaten track and exploring the Midriff Islands in the Sea of Cortes.

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Amanda was a disturbance, a minor blemish on an otherwise clear and sunny forecast, ideal conditions for a Socorro trip. A great time to go diving. In a short time she became a full blown Hurricane. Wet and wild. 300 miles South of Socorro. Pushing a huge wave train ahead of her to cover our favourite dive sites in big swells. The winds came later. In fact, the winds will be blowing 40 to 50 knots for a few days according to NOAA.
Keeping our guests safe, we came into the Sea of Cortez. If we can’t go to Socorro Island then lets have a great time checking out the best dive sights in Mar de Cortez. We started our diving with a checkout dive at Suwanee reef near La Paz, then it was off to the wreck of the Fang Ming. Vis was not what we are used to and eery green. The wreck looked fantastic in the green light. The occasional reef fish passing by.
We finished our day off at Los Islotes, playing with the sea lion pups. They spiral and twist, coming in close and then darting away, only to circle back to tug on a fin or look with curiosity at a camera.
Day two was 4 dives at Los Animas. Clear water and below 70 feet. The caves were popular, starting at 60 feet. Pitch black inside! Our divers did a couple of drift dives, using the current to carry them along the walls at a pace that required little finning. There were some dolphins that we snorkled with after dive 3. Fleeting glimpses of them passing by as they prepared to sound down and out of view.
Now the plan is to head up to Isla de San Ildefonso to check out some sites that we have not been to before. Starting at Isla San Ildefonso, near Loreto we will visit some of the famous sites in the area before heading further in the Sea of Cortes and exploring the Midriff Islands.  It’s not Socorro but instead we are going way off the beaten track and visiting areas very few divers ever see.
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