Wrapping up exploratory trip deep into the Sea of Cortes

Dennis Liberson (6)
We did our first dive at the south point of the Isla San Ildefonso before we were ready to go, there was a pod of dolphins about 100 plus just about 50ft from the shore line! We dropped the divers in but no one saw them, they were really shy but we could hear them. They stayed for the next dive but we did a dive in what I would say was the midpoint of the island, there is a finger that sticks out so we dropped down. There was a healthy reef – lots of sea fans, sponges and big groupers. On the third and fourth dive we did the north point.
Myself and Hernan went out this morning to see how the finger was and see  a rock that comes up to 10 ft.  We did our dive right where the end of the finger was .I have never seen a beautiful reef so healthy with a ton load of fish surrounding us and the sea fans, sponges, small pinnacles full of life, a lot of butterfly fish ,trigger fish and we had like 4 different nudibranch!  It is true that you could stay for a day just doing those dives, we went down to 100 ft – yes, the water got very cold, down to 64 but  it was worth it to see everyone enjoying it!
Visibility 50 – 70 feet.
Temperature range 65 (coldest dive deep) – 75 – 81.
Current : mild to none

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