Diver kissed by a giant manta?? Not sure what happened.

Location :  The Boiler, San Benedicto Island Dive 4 for the day
Visibility :  80 feet
Current: None
Swell:1-2 foot in open ocean
Water: Temp 25 C
Comments :
We started this morning and had a great start with one giant manta with the divers for the entire whole dive.
Second dive had 3 mantas with us for the whole dive.
Third dive we had the same
Fourth dive we saw a huge hammerhead shark and 3 big Galapagos sharks, plus 3 giant mantas as we were heading back to the boat one of the mantas just picked up speed and swam straight to one of the divers and hit the dive in the head!!!  No idea what triggered it to do that, but it sure was strange!
-Divemaster Juan

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