The sharks modelled for our guests and touched their souls and hearts at Socorro Island

Welcome to Revillagigedo everyone! Today we had a GREAT start to our safari trip, friendly crossing, great sunny warm weather, calm seas and just when we jumped in the water, we faced a silky shark patrolling the Nautilus, then we saw 2 big hammerhead sharks no far than 10 feet, one silver tip modeling for our guest’s camera and we were surrounded by 2 great mantas they wanted it and get it – our full attention from every diver for a full dive! So we got nice models for our guest’s which touched their souls and hearts our very first day. We can feel the lovely and magical environment on board, in the mean time, everybody is sharing impressions, dreams and saying it’s so good, magical and special to be in this place meeting new friends and getting great service and time from the Nautilus crew…. nice to be back on board and to Revillagigedo!!!
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