It is mating season right now and the males are massive!

MGERARD Internet-6306
Here we are at the Sea of Cortez, after awesome time at Revillagigedo, but don’t worry still we are having amazing dives in great warm waters, sunny skies, calm seas so weather are been nice; today we been exploring two great sites, La Reyna where between a light house and some wreckage stuff we found a big school of green jacks running in the current like a highway and some sea lions coming to us very curious and cute on the front of our camera lens and Los Islotes where we have a big pinniped colony (california sea lions)more than 300 pinnipeds. We jump in the water to see them closer and at their own environment, we found nice females and young guys very playful time to time because right now is the mating season so the massive males are so jealous and defensive but also is cool to see this big guys passing around showing power and respect but we find the way to see other reason why the behavior is and….surprise our great panga driver Hernan show us a totally new baby’s, was so nice, lovely and cute to see them next to mom looking us and for sure wondering who are this bubbling creatures! Again, we got unforgettable memories which the best way to share and express was on board of Nautilus Explorer with wine or beer next to new friends and outstanding crew!!!!

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