We back rolled out of the inflatable and almost landed on a giant manta waiting under the boat!!

Flavio - 06-2
Well, here we are at Socorro Island in or middle of the trip after we left behind our dear Roca Partida, we heading our dreams, expectations and emotions to the main island of this archipelago which gave us a very nice welcome with totally quiet seas, open sky and nice temp. We choose today one of our favorite dive sites to stay all day  Cabo Pearce which normally is potential pelagic action so we jump from our inflatables and almost drop on top of one giant manta and from that point off we start to get madness of fourth mantas all around in every dive and more than usual friendly behavior they looked like get so excited of having us around for them because 3 of them been behave so crazy, interested, proud to be their self so they gave us like a circus show modeling, dancing, flying, acrobatic between them and with us. Every one of us was just exclaiming WOW”S to everywhere, we got hypnotized and when we thought that’s enough and we don’t need anything else, we got very surprised by one Whale Shark again!!!; so we get more excited, and just everyone was totally lost in this unique, magic wild moment with this juvenile whale shark swimming between mantas and patrolling the clean station area very close to our guests, no one wanted to get out and just froze this moment forever!!!
After the great day in this nice weather our guest decide to jump now on the hot tub and share the happiness from each to other in company of their crew of Nautilus Explorer!!!!

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