We are steaming south in calm blue seas and sparkling stars. Hard to imagine that we were worried about a hurricane several days ago!

There’s never a dull moment working on board the Nautilus Explorer… each trip is unique in its opportunities and challenges.  This trip saw us leaving from La Paz instead of our regular Cabo san Lucas departure, our guests arriving on buses early in the morning, to avoid the last gasps of Hurricane Christine.  This gave our divers an unexpected chance to dive La Reyna and Suwanee Reef, both excellent sites in the southern Sea of Cortez… though I wasn’t fortunate enough to get in the water with them I heard reports of incredibly dense schools of fish, playful, acrobatic sea lions and excellent visibility.  Luckily for me our next trip is a combination trip – Socorro and the Sea of Cortez – so I haven’t missed my chance to see these sites for myself.  Now we are steaming south and the calm blue seas and sparkling stars make it hard to believe that there was so recently a hurricane in the area.  The last trip, immediately after Hurricane Amanda passed by, brought with it some of the best diving I have ever experienced, and so I have high hopes for this time around!

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