I was hypnotized by 3 friendly giant mantas dancing and shaking their bodies in front of the cameras!

How wonderful life is when you are diving in the wild ocean getting escorted by group of dolphins.  Meanwhile, we are searching for hammerhead sharks at cleaning station and 2 giant mantas come to us to join on the search till we found around 12 hammerheads patrolling the canyon even without great vis and a bit chilly because a few days ago Hurricane Christine was passing around the archipelago. Instead we were more excited to swim around and suddenly, Wow… the sharks , dolphins and mantas are here; then under a sunny day our guest got a delicious lunch! In the meantime, the Nautilus Explorer was heading to our dear Boiler where we was hypnotized by 3 friendly mantas dancing and shaking their bodies in front of the cameras, on the beautiful sunset all our guests was expressing they own encounters between them to make a big picture of how amazing it is to be here at Revillagigedo on board of the outstanding vessel Nautilus Explorer!!!!

By Nautilus Staff

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