YES!!! One more time we are so proud of Roca Partida !! All the fish were doing crazy ivans

Manta Roca Partida 1
Today we had an outstanding day here with great weather, open skies, warm waters, clear waters and a gentle current.  We just jumped in the water, a lot of school of jacks, bonitas, pampanos was suspended facing the nice current for food, with a bunch of silkies, silver tips, hammerheads, Galapagos and white tip reef sharks patrolling the corners and come in to check us out.  4 graceful dolphins appear to make a belly dance or take just vertical position front of us and try to seduce us for long time.  Big yellow fin tunas haunting the fishes schools doing crazy ivans just on front of our cameras, one shy mobula swimming around followed by two giant mantas one chevron and one black making eye contact with the divers trying to get all the flashes and attention just for them but was no success. When we less expect it, all our divers were surprised by two juveniles whale sharks, not shy at all, they were coming to us for modeling and inspecting us very close so even underwater all our guests was exclaiming WOW and moving their heads in all directions without choose were to look. It was so awesome to live this moments and you can feel onboard the great happiness and exciting emotions come from every guest, everyone got inspired by own favorite host of Revillagigedo meantime they let the dreams flow all around of Nautilus Explorer!!!!!

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