DM JJ is here reporting from your Vessel Nautilus Explorer on our last day diving of this Socorro Island trip.

Manta Socorro 39 copie
Our choice – Punta Tosca at Socorro Island with a dawn dive and the great Cabo Pierce where we spend the rest of the day, it was a bit cloudy but nice weather, calm sea, warm water even on our first dive before the sunrise in which one we got the best way to wake up by loggerhead turtle and 2 giant mantas, so was worth it! The effort of our guests about to wake early; then what better way to finish our trip to get joined for 4 great wonderful minutes by giant mantas – so friendly and playful with us, even with good current they was so graceful in front of us and also was a great opportunity next to the manta to cheers all of us in the name of our dear Cassidy Wilson who score today her 200th dive! So we make the magic and special moment to her by celebrating underwater with her family, new friends and beautiful manta on the moment to give her a some present from all of us at 40 ft under the ocean pacific!!! Again Nautilus Explorer and their crew make the difference on our guest heart’s with the help of wild marine life!!!!

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