How did you feel when San Benedicto appeared over the horizon??

rene buob5
We had a smooth crossing to the island and made really good time so our first dive is at 11.30. looking out across the mill pond that is unbelievably an ocean, if you look carefully theres a small dot, focus again and you realise its an island, San Benedicto is now in sight. I stand and watch as the small dot becomes bigger as we get closer, its a beautiful sight, this magnificent mount just standing in the middle of open ocean. Roll on 11.30…..Leigh
Wow, Wow, Wow is all I can say, 6 giant manta, 1 big galapogos and a bucket load of smiles. We went down to 37m when I looked to my left and saw a curious galapogos shark, I signalled to Ben and we went to have a closer look, he didnt stay around too long. Slowly following the rock and I saw a shadow, as it got closer it was 1 of 6 mantas that joined us for a good 25 mins. They rolled in front of us, came so close and made eye contact, the feeling a manta gives you when they latch onto your eyes it just sheer amazing. Lunch over and already counting to dive 2……Leigh
DIVE 2…..Im at a loss for words, maybe there was a little part of me that thought the first dive was a little fluke, but the 2nd dive was just as incredible. At one point I didnt know which direction to point my camera, they were above, below and beside me. Im already in love….. Leigh

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