What did your first Socorro giant manta ray encounter feel like??

Anne Owen
Best manta diving I have ever had!  You can literally wave them over to you and they can’t resist their curiosity of you.  At least six mantas that are as interested in you as you are in them – great day of diving!- Ben
Dancing With The Stars (hit TV show) has nothing on dancing with Giant Mantas with the Nautilus crew. Amazing graceful giants coming around every 30 seconds to say hello and show off their amazing paterns and dance moves. These gentle giants come within a few inches while soaring through the sea with you. Breath taking!!!~Nate
It’s 22.00 and I’m in the lounge with a nice cold beer. All our gear is charging and the boat is now moving to Roca Partido. Were surrounded by Nathan’s videos of the day and theres smiles on everyones faces as we reflect on some awesome diving with our new found Giant manta friends. Its funny seeing Nathan’s naming of his many great videos, Black Beard smiling at me, a reflection of the coloring resemblance she gave him and the interaction he felt when she flowed gloriously over his head. Another video he took was of me being hit across the head with the edge of the wing, removing my mask in one graceful flap of her wing, thats raised a few giggles tonight. The encounters we’ve had today were all so personal to each of us, everybody is tired but going to bed with smiles for the day and anticipation for tomorrow…..Leigh

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