Despite the storm warnings at the  beginning of the trip, conditions couldn't be better.  I've seen bigger waves in my bathtub. 

A few cotton clouds and an amazing sunrise heralding our arrival to the pinnacle dive site, painted white by the local bird populations.  Dropping down on the “Quiet” side we found only a slight current, indicated by the relaxed school of bigeye jacks pointing the way for us.  A short trip off the wall saw us surrounded by curious silky sharks,  much more inquisitive than the nonchalant white tips patrolling the rock and coming so close you’d think they can’t see you.  Back over to the wall on the North point to see an octopus showing great annoyance at the three fish harrassing it.  A wonderful display of chameleon camoflague,  Cassia was beaming a smile through her regulator. and a constant reminder to not forget to look for the small stuff.  Reminded me of our dives yesterday at The Boiler when everyone was mesmerised out in the Manta magic, I turned to look at the wall to see not one, but EIGHT nudibranchs in an area the size of a dinner plate.  Two of them were putting on a bit of an interesting show for us too, but I’ll leave that to your imagination.  It seems out here there is always something to see, not matter how big or small, no matter where you look.
Time to chill out and enjoy the sunset over the ocean on the beautiful Nautilus Explorer!
Sea you on the beach, Dave

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