The ocean around us was the calmest I have ever seen . Smooth and glassy. Almost eerie…

Yesterday, saw us anchored stern-to at The Boiler, one of my all time favorite dive sites.  The ocean around us was the calmest I have ever seen it, smooth and glassy – almost eerie in how still it was.  Given that, the fact that it was our last stop at the site for the season, and not least the UNBELIEVABLE manta interactions our divers had been bragging about all day, I decided I had to go for a dive.  I hopped in with dive master Leanne and her group, and to my delight we were joined immediately by 2 mantas… then 2 more…. then 1 more… each more eager than the last to get close and play!  Every encounter with these massive beauties is a memorable experience, but this one was something else, I can tell you… these 5 seemed almost aggressive in their desire to get as close as possible, to tickle their bellies with our bubbles and stare us in the eyes until we were all mesmerized and dizzy from spinning, trying to take it all in, not knowing where to look first… an outstanding season finale, I must say!!

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