Divemaster JJ is an expert shark hunter. We even saw a school of 100 + hammerheads!

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Roca Partida-Great day of diving! Tons of life, very active silver tip sharks, galapagos sharks, silky sharks and of course white tip sharks.  Photo opportunities were great as you could get within a couple feet of them.  The day was topped off with a Manta and whale sharks – everyone saw at least one and some saw two cruising plankton together.  A lot of action today! – Ben
Superbly, surprisingly set up and executed!! -Sonny
Roca Partida is shark Mecca!!! Whale, hammer, silver, galapagos, white tip, silky…you name it, Roca Partida has it. The last 2 days were incredible! Tons of sea life everywhere including the occasional manta. J.J. Is the expert shark hunter…he can find anything you want…name it and you get it. I even saw a school of 100+ hammers today! Another group witnessed 2 whale sharks together and the third group got to see a whale shark 4 times in one dive. A BEAUTIFUL THING! -Nate

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