Firstly, let me tell you what we did last night…..we were treated to a top deck cinema under the stars movie

The attention the crew gives here is awesome, their effort is commendable. After the movie closed we watched the silkys and galapagos sharks circle the boat, so I figured lets drop a camera with lights in and see if we can get anything. So, with feet held by ben, nate and I dropped our cameras in and waited, the laughs soon started as we went practically hit by a flying fish that knocked itself in and was deposited onto the surface, I knew it would take seconds to get obliterated. The sharks jumped out of the water to beat each other to the feast and the camera was right there. Nate downloaded it as we sat with a pina colada watching and laughing. So, back to today, first two dives and lunch ticked off. Wave been spoilt with sharks this morning and close isn’t the word! Wow, wave seen them all, hammers, galapagos, silkys, white tips and silver tips. Vis was a little low but the current bought us some nice sights at just 25m deep…..Leigh

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