Who says that the beginning of great white shark season at Guadalupe is slow???? That's ridiculous. The sharking has been awesome so far.

First Trip, First time to me to to start the season in my almost 4 years on this great and awesome boat.
First Day first time for submersible cages, no sharks….Second turn, one shark. The show starting for the rest of the day. Four five I think 6 different sharks around the cages. Only happy faces including the crew. Just beautiful last to days sharks are exciting swimming slowly, like saying this is my world, What are you doing here.
Today we are on our way back to Ensenada finishing the second trip. Amazing. Another good and excellent show with great White Sharks. six at the same time. Crazy but real.Three days watching these wonderful creatures. Nothing compares, they are the kings of the sea. We are on board the Nautilus Explorer, Best show best service.
Deckhand and Waterman

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