We saw as many as five great white sharks at one time! It was truly a once in a lifetime moment that we will never forget

I saw a shark !!!!!!!
Me too !
Uuuuuunbelievable !

Une rencontre a la fois effrayante et fascinante, melant peur et enthousiasme, quoi qu’il en soit une experience aussi improbable qu’inoubliable ! Et un grand merci a l’equipage, aux petits soins 🙂

Much like our first day, our second day was incredible. We were fortunate enough to start off our morning with a delicious white chocolate, strawberry scone, straight from Enrique’s oven. Yum! With a full tummy we hit the cages hard in hopes of seeing some serious shark action. It was a gorgeous day and the sun was beaming through the water. The sharks seemed to be much more comfortable today, and the frenzied action continued throughout the day. Lets just say there were quite a few close encounters! During some parts of the dive we saw as many as five sharks at once, it was truly a once in a lifetime moment and we will never forget it. Not only did the sharks put on a show for us, but two of our dive mates got engaged underwater! So beautiful! Today could not have been any  more perfect and I cannot wait to get down into the water tomorrow. We feel so blessed to have this invaluable crew, from warm homemade cookies to remarkable expertise above and underwater. Thanks for the unforgettable experience, we can’t wait to wake up tomorrow to live it all again. 🙂 Emilie and Matthew Fish

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