We had 3 great white sharks come shockingly close to our submersible cage..

jason shaddox5
Another fantastic day at Guadalupe! I had the chance to get into the submersible cage this afternoon and the great white sharks were getting really “friendly.” We had 4-5 different sharks during the 45 minute dive. Mid dive there was one particular male shark that was chasing off the others and in a rather aggressive manor. We also had 3 sharks come shockingly close to the cage, enough to make the me jump back a bit! The surface activity was great today as well. A few different sea lions have been hunting around the boat, and one lucky guest actually got a great picture of a sea lion with a mackrel in its mouth. A large male sea lion joined us late afternoon and he has been very active on the surface. Days like today remind me how gretaful and lucky I am to be part of the Nautilus family!
Lauren Mitchell, Nautilus Explorer Hostess

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