Vunderbar!! to dive with great white sharks is to love them and surely switch your mind

jason shaddox4
Absolutely fabulous awesome animals!
Seeing seals and Great White sharks playing around in the deep blue of the calm bay of Guadalupe Island is one of the best things in the world I can imagine!Thank you for taking me here and let me be part of it.
It is my second trip to Guadalupe and it is worth going again and again and again and again… 🙂 Also many thanks to Dr. Erich Ritter who opened our minds and hearts for that endangered species by teaching us his Sharkschool during this liveaboard and all the other little talks, discussions and personal experiences he shared with us throughout the trip. Anyone who still thinks Great White Sharks are a serious danger for humans must come here and watch them in natural environment, so close you almost could touch them, you surely switch your mind and become a shark lover! Thanks to the whole team of Nautilus Explorer for another amazing adventure.Volker, guest of the Nautilus Explorer

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