I could go on and on about this amazing trip but there is a movie playing on the projection screen under the stars on the top deck (Sean Ruggeri – RED Digital Cinema)

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2nd day aboard the Nautilus Explorer at Guadalupe Island and although we thought it couldn’t get any better than the 1st, it absolutely delivered. The day started with 3 different great white shark breaches in close proximity, one a couple feet off the stern of the ship as the crew chainsawed through the day’s tuna chum. In the deeper cages we were constantly being closely circled and curiously inspected by 3-5 large and very engaging male white sharks at a time. A photographer’s paradise! They would come inches from the cage if not closer. We were even invited to stand on top of the deep cages for an adventurous unobstructed view. And with the shark-whisperer dive masters next to you, there is a complete sense of control and safety as they also do everything they can to draw the sharks in closer to the cages.
Large yellow tail drafted closely behind the sharks tails awaiting easy scraps as schools of tuna popped in and out of the scene getting a few of the sharks to trigger their upward-projecting hunting skills. So cool to watch these beautiful sharks go from completely comfortable cruise mode around us to instant hunting instincts when they spotted their favorite flavors of game fish. Different experiences and just as close of encounters were had in the mid-depth cage as well as the surface cage, all of them providing different types of lighting and perspectives.
As if the action in the water wasn’t enough, the accommodations on board have made the trip such a pleasure. The crew aboard is like hanging out with old friends, except they are at your service at every moment. I have watched them go to great lengths to accommodate special requests and new ideas. They are divers, they are customer service experts and they are my heroes! The food has been amazing! Last night’s surf and turf may have been trumped by the chipotle chicken and fresh mahi we had tonight.
As you can tell, I can go on and on and on about this amazing trip but right now there is a movie playing on the projector screen under the stars and I need to go charge my batteries, review my footage and finish my beer 🙂 Very glad I took a break from the sharks in Hollywood with my great friend Ron Amborn of Maxx Digital and his amazing family to visit the much more friendly sharks of Guadalupe Island with the folks aboard the Nautilus Explorer!
Sean Ruggeri
RED Digital Cinema

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